Whiter teeth through charcoal, myth or fact?

Whiter teeth through charcoal, myth or fact?

Does charcoal really whiten your teeth?

Charcoal (Coconut Charcoal) is one of the popular beauty trend. You will find it everywhere. For your health in drinks/food and for beauty in beauty products. White teeth are also part of the beauty trends and people are looking for many ways to make their teeth as white as possible. Some spend hundreds of dollars on teeth whiteners which can be very harmful to your teeth. Now we have the perfect solution to save you hundreds of dollars and keep your teeth healthy. All this because of our unique product with the special formula of charcoal! Now you think this really works? Black powder that whitens your teeth? Yeah bye! In this blog we tell you that this Real works and why!

What exactly is Activated Coconut Charcoal?

I can hear you thinking. "These are not coals that you also put in the BBQ, are they?" Hell no, this is a totally different product. Charcoal comes from the coconut. The coconut is ground until it becomes a fine powder. This powder is so fine that it no way can damage your teeth or gums. The refined charcoal has an absorbent power that removes the tannin. (Tannin = a substance that includes coffee, which causes yellow teeth). It also removes bacteria and bad odors from your mouth.

A little bit of history about charcoal.

The use of charcoal is not new to mankind. This has been around for centuries! In Roman times it was used for intestinal problems and to transform a smelly breath into a good-smelling breath. The Hindus used it for water purification and charcoal was used in their beauty routine.

In the medical field, it is currently used to treat people with poisoning.

Why does HolySmile use Coconut Charcoal in their Whitening Stripes?

We are happy to tell you this! At HolySmile, health and safety comes first! So we want you to brush your teeth like this white makes possible, on the healthiest and safest way. Of course, pay close attention to other brands that offer products with Charcoal! At HolySmile we guarantee that our Coconut Charcoal formula can be trusted completely, because it is Oralgrade tested and we also use our product ourselves!

We are happy to tell you how to use our product!

We sell whitening stripes that consists of a course of 12 days. Every day you use a strip for your teeth. This whitening strip is easy to apply to your teeth because of the visible top and bottom for your teeth. Stick it on your teeth and let it sit for 30 minutes. Remove the strip and that's it! We recommend using our whitening strip before going to sleep, because the substance can do its job even better during your night's sleep. You also do not eat or drink while sleeping, so that no dyes counteract this process.